Dark-eyed Junco

I went hunting this morning and the first shot I got was my favorite. Normally I go for cleaner frames but somehow this one works for me. And the lone leaf with the same colors as the bird was so perfect. The BG is spring grass – our answer to snow.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, 100-500 + 1.4X at 700mm, f/10 (wide open), ISO 1600, 1/1600 sec. Tripod. I had been expecting to shoot in the shade and didn’t have time to change anything – fortunately I was in Av mode. Minor tonal adjustments in LR, Topaz Denoise in PS with its default sharpening – hardly noticeable at this image size. A few stray branches removed, mostly at edges. I liked the mess on this one.


The complementary leaf is a bonus. I like the foot position & that we can see it. Such lively little birds. If it ever warms up enough for me to stand still around here, I just might see if I can find some of their cousins.

Excellent, Diane. They are extremely photogenic birds. In this case I like the tangle of branches. They frame the bird nicely and aren’t distracting.

Nice to see another flavor of dark eyed junco. I would drop the saturation slightly of greens and yellows in the BG. I like the comp and do not mind all the sticks. Well done…Jim

Excellent detail and a nice pose. I agree with Jim regarding the green, though it’s a nice BG. Very nice.

I love this! I don’t think anything is messy about it! It’s outside, there needs to be branches! That’s what the animals like and need! With that beautiful perfect BG it looks like a studio photo!

Thanks guys! @Jim_Zablotny and @terryb, I did tone down the greens quite a bit, but what looks good should be favored over what was “accurate” and I’ll do a little more. Probably not worth a repost. But, really, have you guys just forgotten what grass looks like? :smile: Spring will come to you about the time fire season will come to us…

Well, of COURSE I remember what grass looks like! It’s mostly white in Oklahoma (or 18 % gray, depending on your photography skills).

Excellent color, detail and reflective pose. Yes, you could clone away some of the most OOF branches but works as is. I can get close to the Juncos around my house but I face the same issues with many branches. But this is where they like to perch…

That’s a good one, @terryb !

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:wink: Havin’ some fun with ya!