David Kingham featured in the new (August) LensWork

It is a stunning collection of his work in the salt flats in Death Valley. Well worth a long look.

Congratulations, David!


Thank you Diane! It’s an incredible honor to be published in LensWork!

I wrote a bit more about it here:


How did I miss seeing that? I hope no one else missed it!!!

@Diane_Miller @David_Kingham
Diane, thanks for the heads up here. Congratulations David on this fine honor and also the collection of images from DVNP area. … :sunglasses:

@Diane_Miller , your keen eye saved the day. Thanks for sharing this article about David. Congratulations, David!

Thank you! You can also see the full collection of 60 I submitted here


These images of the salt flats are wonderful David. I’m particularly impressed with the accompanying skies you were able to acquire to go with the flats.

Congratulations David. That’s a well deserved honor.

Congratulations on being published in LensWork!
Absolutely Wonderful Project, David!
All of the images are “Next Level and Very Cohesive”! It must have been difficult for LensWork to decide which images to include in the article.

Very Well Done! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on this, Diane! :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed viewing this. Every single image mind-blowingly meeting the highest standards. Many congratulations on an impressive accomplishment, @David_Kingham! (and many thanks, @Diane_Miller, for bringing the publication to our attention here).

Thanks Igor, these were created over nearly 10 years, we don’t often get skies like this in DV as I’m sure you know! I really wanted to showcase a different part of DV that largely get ignored.

Thanks Ted, I’m quite humbled to be part of this.

Thanks Merv, it took me so long to reach a point where I was happy enough with the project!

Thank you very much Laura, that means a lot.

Better late than never… Congratulations David on the selection and LensWork publication. Outstanding imagery, wonderful selection for the Project and I must say there is quite a cohesion of all the 60 images.

Well done and congratulations!

Thanks very much @Diane_Miller for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I had no idea. What a powerful and cohesive vision and theme you had to produce 60 images. My mouth is watering now as I want to get back out to Death Valley this winter as you’ve inspired me like no other. Some of the best Death Valley imagery I have even seen. Congratulations on a dream come true for you, David. Well done!!

Thank you guys, for a while I didn’t think this would ever come together! But I kept digging and finding ‘new’ images that I had taken over the years of visiting there, and there were plenty of happy surprises that I had forgotten about.

That is beyond awesome, David. Congratulations!

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