To spend a day walking toward Denali is an experience unlike any I have ever had.

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Pentax K-7, 1/800, f/8.0, 55mm, ISO 200

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I recognize your feelings about the experience. It was back in 1985 or so that I was there, but I can still recall it vividly. I remember that I almost overlooked Denali, because it is so big and I was looking for something much smaller at the horizon.
I like the overall mood in the image and the way the curvy path leads you into the frame. It is a pity that part of the path is lost at the right edge of the frame. The 2 people walking the path are a bonus, giving a sense of scale in this vaste landscape.
Although I like the sky, I might be tempted to crop 20-25% at the top, to give the huge mountain even more impact.

This brings back fond memories, John. Denali is one impressive mountain and rightly so as it is very striking sitting there in the landscape of the park. My thoughts pretty much mirror those of @Han_Schutten about the road and sky. Was this taken from the parking area at the top of the hill?

Thank you both. I have other images that do include the whole road and some that show the mountain more fully. Han, your description of having almost missed Denali because you were not looking high enough mirrors my first siting exactly! How can anything be that tall?!?

Beautiful. I should search my archive, I think I have a slide with a similar view.