Departing the Pond

A juvenile male Mallard Duck as it leaves a small tidal pond at Valdez, Alaska.

Sony a6500, FE 100-400 GSM @ 400mm, ISO-250, f/5.6, 1/4000, hand held. Roughtly a 30% crop.

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Nice wing position and excellent detail, Gary. I like the crop. You might want to do something about the bright out of focus branch in the middle of the left edge as it’s a real eye-grabber.

Very nice flight shot with excellent detail.

This is a very nice shot, Gary. To see the water drops on a duck in flight is pretty spectacular.

Good capture of this fast flier, Gary. I like the combination of lighting and background that makes the mallard stand out. Nicely framed too. The trailing water droplets add much to the image.