Mallards in Motion

A pair of juvenile male Mallard Ducks as they left a small tidal pond at Valdez, Alaska. The ducks were in and out of the pond all day but it’s very difficult to latch onto them because they fly so fast! I happened to catch these two preparing to take flight and was able to get focused on them just as they got into the air.

Sony a6500, SEL100400GM @ 400mm, ISO-250, f/5.6, 1/4000, hand held.

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Excellent flight shot. Good detail and colors against a nice background. Interesting you got opposite wing positions.

Very cool, Gary. Excellent detail. I have yet to get a decent flight shot of a duck, so I admire your patience. It looks as if there were a third duck in the group, judging by the shadow on the near wing of the upper bird (which I think is really neat).

A very nice in flight capture of these colorful, but fast moving ducks, Gary. I like that one has their wings in the downward motion, while the other is in the upward position.