Descending to Thompson Pass

Took this huge composite while hiking with the dogs in the mountains above Thompson Pass. It is made from 3 rows of 8 vertical 24 mp photos (all hand held). Expand your monitor to full screen and click twice on the image for maximum detail.

Data for all 24 photos: Sony a6000, E55-210 @ 55 mm, ISO-100, f/11.0, 1/250

WOW, lots of takes glued together on this huge bad boy, Gary. In the 2nd level look I could make out some power poles / lines along the roadside area down there. These grand spaces are the views I really miss from AK…wonderful stuff…:sunglasses:

Gary, I think Paul said it well, this is a great, grand view, with details that show better as the display gets larger. I especially like how the wisps of cloud and the scattered snow fields set off the foreground. What software did you use for your stitching?

Thanks, Mark. I use AutopanoGiga by Kolor for all my stitching. It’s the most powerful stitching software I’ve been able to find. Once you figure out the settings, you can just drop all the files for the panorama/composite into one folder, point the program to the folder and it will stitch them together, regardless of their order or file name. You then set the crop limits and it will render the final image. You can shoot all of the shots hand held and it will still align and stitch them with no problem. If you set it for auto ghost elimination it will deal with double images where a subject is in the overlap area of two photos and moves between the shots. It can do pretty much any number of images in multiple rows and is only limited by your computer.