At Home on the Range

Hiking with the dogs during a beautiful summer day on Thompson Pass, Alaska. I shot a panorama of the gorgeous landscape to show the context of the hike and the expanse of the scenery.

Best viewed large for more presence and details.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated.

Technical Details

Multiple vertical photos stitched into the panorama. Shot with a Sony DSC-R1 fixed lens camera. The stitching program I used back then didn’t save the EXIF data so I don’t have the technical details/settings without going back to the archives and finding the individual photos.

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A lovely scene with very nice IQ!! The sky is dramatic without being overdone, with no blown whites. Lovely blues and greens, with great shadow detail. My only thought is to wonder about reducing contrast on the rocky FG as it competes a bit with the BG.

Excellent, Gary. A beautiful scene, well photographed. I’m curious how you handle the dogs in a panorama? Do you try to confine their presence to a single frame or do you edit movement in post processing? As for the foreground, while it’s a bit of an eye magnet, the lichen wouldn’t look right if it were darker.

Thanks, Dennis. In this particular case there are 4 frames. I shot a frame with all of the dogs in it first and then shot two more to the left and one more to the right. The bad news in this case was that the two closest dogs were near the left edge of the frame so the one I shot just to the left of it had the same two dogs in on the right side of the frame (in order to get the necessary overlap). The good news is that the AuptoPano Pro stitching software I was using has an anit-ghosting algorithm that recognizes duplicate/similar objects in the overlap area and only uses the data from one of the images for that particular part of the stitching. The result is what you see here.

In general, I try to shoot anything that is moving in the center of the first frame and then shoot left and right of that. Since the software automatically aligns the frames when it stitches I can shoot hand held and quickly shoot all the frames before the moving animal/object gets into more than one frame.