This is the second largest waterfall in Europe. 40 meter drop and 130 meters across. Too dangerous to get much closer. Iceland, the location of Dettifoss, has thousands of waterfalls across the country. There are at least 50 major falls in the country. This one is so large, you can feel the ground vibrate under your feet. The patterns on the left are from freezing mist.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 100, 16-35 at 16 mm, f8, 1/4 second, handheld, full frame, graduated neutral density filter

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David, a fine falls and nice rainbow. Since I’m a bit of an abstract nut, the frozen water on the left was a favorite part and I was pretty sure it was ice. Greatly appreciate that you verified that. I like how the gorge angles across from the LRC.

Terrific composition of an impressive natural wonder. The rainbow is a nice added touch to an already fine photo, and I enjoyed the story.