It is something special to stand next to a large mighty waterfall like Dettifoss in northern Iceland. If you look closely, you can see bright dots here and there, they are people, which gives a scale on the waterfall. I arrived at the waterfall in the middle of the day in a rather harsh light that does not make it easy to take good pictures. It felt impossible. Despite the lack of inspiration, I took a number of pictures and I even screwed on a ND-filter and took some long exposures. Just when I came home from Iceland and went through the pictures, I thought the pictures from Dettifoss were mostly a documentation that I had been there. But it was not until a couple of years later when I looked at the pictures again that I began to appreciate them. I tried different edits but it was only when I increased the contrast and converted them to monochrome color scale that the image came to life for me. Now this is one of my favorites from this trip. What luck that I took the picture despite the “bad” light.

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This is a very good image, Johan. You have done a great work with what was given to you. I always support to do an effort to create good images also during not-so-good situations, and am impressed by photographers succeeding.

Johan, this looks great. Your shutter speed shows the power in the falls well and your treatment showing the mist above the river as it flows left adds well to the right to left eye movement. I also like the textures in the rocks. I do wish for the area in the lower left to be a bit lighter, as it’s darkness feel “out of character” with respect to the rest of the image.