i drove through some of the most intense fog i’ve ever seen down a mountain pass. finally i got below the cloud level, went around another curve in the road and found this little gem. makes me wonder how many more waterfalls i passed in the fog.

fuji 50r & 32-64mm @ 52mm
1/4 sec, f/11, iso 100, tripod and cable release

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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The misty layer at the top works well to add mood and create another layer. It’s nice how the greenish backdrop emerges from it. The waterfall is nicely placed in the frame with the creek it creates leading up to it. I think this will look great in black and white with some more dodging and burning too!

thank you ron, i’ll give b&w a go.

What an amazing scene Loki, thanks for sharing it with us. I think your composition is very well done, with how the river an and landscape below channel the viewers eye to the falls. I also like that you chose to shoot this composition wider, and show a lot of the surrounding landscape around the waterfall, rather than zooming in tighter.

I actually think I would like this better as a color image than as a B&W. Those subtle earth tones of brown and green create a really nice mood in the image, and give this image a sense of place. My only suggested tweak would be to add a slight bit more contrast in the cliffs above the falls and below the fog. These cliffs should have more luminosity than the foreground landscape, but I think just a hint more midtone contrast there would help.

A very pretty scene, Loki. Your composition appears strong and I like the division between the more active foreground and more tranquil background. On my monitor it seems the foreground seems dark. I downloaded and dodged the FG just a wee bit and have uploaded them for your perusal.

Your composition gives a great sense of place. Nice leading lines to the water. I think opening up the exposure in the original capture to add a little detail to the back of the falls and then darkening the rest of the scene would improve the image, although it is wonderful as is.


You know an image is a good one when the thumbnail grabs your attention. I love the composition of this. I love the layering of the rocks and the way the waterfall and river seem to go in the opposite direction. My only recommendations would be to darken the clouds at the top of the image to help contain the eye and bring out the shadow details a little bit. Nicely done!