Dogs in the Sky

My favorite silhoutte shot. This is Eli, looking at two cloud dogs romping across the sky. It was taken in 2007 with a digital camera that didn’t have a lot of dynamic range so I opted to not try and coax details out of the shadows and went for the silhouette look instead. I liked how it brought out the cloud shapes and made for a more generic rather than personal photo.

Sony DSC-R1, 25mm, ISO-400, f/8.0, 1/1000, hand held

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Great composition with your dog on the right and the clouds on the left. I also like how the dog seems to reflect the shape of the hill. Great capture Gary.

This is pretty cool, Gary. It took me a second to spot the cloud dogs. Very well composed.

This one works quite well, Gary. Great ghosted look at your best friend.

Your dog couldn’t have positioned himself better.

Gary, Eli’s pose against the sky looks great. It is like he’s watching those clouds. This has me making up song lyrics…Dog against the sky-yy with white clouds in place of Lucy in the sky with diamonds… :grinning: