A Little Bit of Heaven

Nothing but sky here! This was taken on severe weather front, as a heavy rain storm was moving out of the area and the sky was clearing. The sun was setting and I was at the Tide Flats next to the ocean. The color in the lower left is from the reflection of the sunlight on the water, bouncing up to light the underside of the clouds. The colors,swirls and textures got my attention while I was shooting sunset Landscapes.

Sony Dsc-R1, ISO-100, 1/60, hand held


Really enjoy this image. The detail and mood is perfect.

One heck of a dynamic and fine looking sky!!

A real beauty, Gary. Glorious cloud formations and wonderful light. Very well done.

Sweet! I love the colors and the cloud formations in this scene, Gary. Beautifully done.


Marvelous sky. I like this very much. It reminded me of the pictures in the catechism when I attended parochial school.

Yes, a great sky, Gary. The layers of clouds, the swirl and the color gradations make a very interesting view.

This is really nice… Dreamy with a lot going on…

Wow, this is a really nice image of the sky! The colors and textures and tonality are all so dynamic. Sure don’t come across this every day.

Striking image…looks like it belongs on the Sistine Chapel with someone coming out of the clouds. Very painterly, and I love the blue and orange hints of color.

Very gorgeous sky image. I kept looking for the arm and hand with the outstretched finger…

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