Eli's On Top Of It!

An old photo of a very close friend who is no longer with us. I will always remember him and miss him. Taken on Thompson Pass, Alaska near Valdez, Alaska in May of 2009.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated!

Technical Details

Sony DSC-R1, 19.3 mm, ISO-160, f/8.0, 1/1250, hand held.


A wonderful portrait, with a great pose and lighting. (Your connection to him comes through.)

There is a 3D effect here, but it’s a sort of reverse one, in that the BG sharpness competes with the dog. I can’t tell if it was due to the camera’s choice of focus, or if there was sharpening after the fact. I wonder of it is possible to keep the dog just as he is (which I think is perfect) and soften the BG?

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Another great dog on the mountain photo, Gary. I do agree with Diane that the depth feels odd. It almost makes it look like the dog was added to the mountain image. I’m not sure what caused it to look that way-maybe the wide angle on the zoom?

Diane, Dennis;

Eli is lacking some focus because I was only 2 -3 ft. from him and pushing the near end of the focal range. The background is very sharp because the R1 had an exceptional Zeiss lens and because the processor was so small that f/8 was like f/16 on a full frame DSLR. I would have gotten better focus on Eli if I had stepped back a bit and zoomed in to get the scene but I was pretty new to photography then and didn’t think about it. The focus looked good in the viewfinder but it’s resolution wasn’t that great either.