Above and Beyond

Jake (a rescued mutt), enjoying the scenery on Thompson Pass, Alaska in September of 2014. He’s a little guy but gets around amazingly well in the mountains!

Another of my many dogs in landscape photos.

You can see Marshall Pass in the background, on the right side.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated!

Technical Details

Sony a6000, SEL1670Z @ 60 mm, ISO-100, f/6.3, 1/800, hand held.


Gary, I always wonder how my pack of many dogs and cats over the years felt when they got to be out and about on our trips and holidays at times. All I know is our mixture of rescue pets received the best in care all around. Not sure if it worked for them, but it sure made me feel the very best. Thanks for sharing this fine image of “Jake”.

Thanks, Paul! Jake was in Washington State & was tied up in an old car wreck as a puppy and was starving and constantly tormented and abused by some nasty kids. My wife’s niece rescued him when she saw him being thrown out of a moving car window but wasn’t able to keep him due to her rental agreement so she called us and we had him shipped to Alaska. Now he sleeps in a comfy bed, eats homemade dog food and romps around Thompson Pass with our other, much larger dogs. He’s like an energizer bunny and is still going strong when the big dogs start slowing down. I have no doubts that it worked for him :grinning:

Gary, my entire family are critter infested folks. We always say if we come back as a critter we want a family like us to take us in. We can now add you, your wife, and your niece to that list of critter saviors.
We’re down to one cat and one dog these days. My days in Alaska got me accustom to being around Siberians and as such we had 3 of those wonderful dogs over the years. They’re a different breed and require some handling expertise. But once they get tuned into family life they’re great dogs.
As a veteran I salute you and your family for providing safe haven for any rescue critters…take care !

Nice portrait of Jake. The perspective and the background makes him look like he’s on top of the. As a dog lover who currently has two rescues in the house, this makes me smile. And reading your description of Jake in the comments, it sounds like you captured his personality well!

Another terrific dog image, Gary. Wonderful story about Jake and his rescue. It’s hard for me to understand how people can be so cruel to an animal. We were raised with all sorts of animals growing up and my mom, who was a school teacher, used them to teach kids that all critters including snakes, terantulas, turtles and everything else needs to be respected. Our house was known as the city zoo. My wife and I currently have two working dogs who are part of FEMA as a live search dog and an HRD search dog. Our HRD lab just returned from Florida a couple of weeks ago after searching for remains from hurricane Ian.
Anyway, terrific image of a very happy looking dog.

Excellent, Gary. The detail in the dog’s fur is exceptional and I love his pose.

Sweet story about this dog and a wonderful pose as it surveys the landscape around it!