Driftwood Patterns

This was one of my favorite discoveries while walking on the beach near Prairie Creek, California in the Redwoods. I found this old tree on the beach that seemed to be some kind of driftwood. The mosses and other oddities found on the wood was fascinating to me. I spent a good 45 minutes photographing the wood with my 65mm macro lens.

This was focus stacked, and yes, I know it’s not perfect, but that’s all good with me!


Cool! The old driftwood logs on north-coast (CA) beaches do have the most interesting mosses, lichens, and what have you. I’m not sure why - maybe a combination of the types of trees + the coastal climate there. The textures on them are wonderful. The swirly patterns in this are lovely, as are the interpretive color (or is this the actual color?).

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Yeah being a Colorado boy, I rarely get to spend time on the coast, so it was all new to me! The patterns were what caught my eye too, like a topo map! The colors are fairly accurate, albeit some contrast curves added.

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Amazing patterns and colors. Nothing to improve here, just to sit back and explore the image. It almost looks as some kind of weather map.

This is just so cool to look at and explore. It reminds me of one of those moving sand art contraptions that you can rotate to make different patterns. Nice work!

Lovely. Nothing more needed as far as I’m concerned.

Wow! I would never know this is a piece of wood! Such unique patterns and colors. And it does really look like a topo map. Nicely seen and captured, Matt!

Matt, this is an excellent pattern, with its swirling shapes and variety of subtle colors. Yes, with very careful looking, I see some of the imperfections that arise from manual focussing (I’ve encountered many, many of those… :grin:). Definitely a keeper.

What unusual coloration for driftwood. Very nice find. The lines, patterns, and textures are compelling. I might remove the black spot at the lower edge.

Superb abstract! I would never have guessed this is Redwood. This is a big departure from your grand landscapes. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!
Yeah, I have been trying to do more and more work like this when I can. I just have not shared much of it!

This is such an incredible abstract Matt. Had you not told us, I never would have guessed that this was bark on the beach. The textures lines, curves and tones are incredible. This looks like aa carving made by mad and not carved out by nature. I never would have guessed. I can stare at this for a long time and not get bored. My imagination is having a field day. I see so many different things in this image. What a catch and good of you to see this. Depth of field is good enough and the OOF spots don’t really bother me at all. Too much other stuff to enjoy.


Thanks David! I appreciate your kind words here. I’m glad that it gives you a lot to look at. Cheers!

That’s so solid, man. Blues and greens just work together so well for a chilled out vibe

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Thanks man! Appreciate you checking it out!

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Wonderful image Matt. The blue and green colour scheme is very relaxing. I also like how the tones have been flattened and how this bring more focus on the lines. This makes it even more enjoyable for my eyes to wander around the image making new discoveries with the shapes and patterns.

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Thanks Andre! This is certainly one of my favorite images I’ve made in the past 2 years so its great to hear others find it interesting also!

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Awesome image, Matt! I always liked this one. Love images that keep one guessing. Congratulations!

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Hey Mat.
Beautiful Image. I really like the green colour of the fallen tree. As far as I know, fungus is responsible for the dark lines inside the wood.
I would probably make a 1:1 out of it because I am really drawn to the left part of the image.
Absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations

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Thanks man, glad to see you here =)