Droplets caught in moss

Just over a week ago we came back from a trip to the Azores. Just in time for the almost overall travel restrictions in Europe. We stayed a week on the biggest island, Sao Miguel. It is beautiful! As we had a couple of rainy days I tried to capture some droplets on a mossy stone bench.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Panasonic DC-G9, Olympus 60mm Macro, 1/400, F3.5 with tripod.

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Ellen, I am so glad that you got back home safely and before the travel restrictions. One thing really good about macro, is even rainy days are restrictions, we can usually find something to photograph. Water drops after a rain is what really got me back into photography. You did a great job getting the refraction in some of the drops, nice and sharp. I wonder if you were to rotate the image so that the gray out of focus bench were on the bottom (making the image a vertical), and straightening it so that it would improve the image. Something like this maybe.

Just a thought. I love the green out of focus background a lot. The grey bench, and then it not straight seems like it takes away from a nicely captured image.

Hi Ellen, interesting subject - really like the water drops. Super background. In your original, I would crop out more of the dark bench as it really only provides a foundation to the more interesting aspects of the image. I like Shirley’s repost too and either composition would work for me - as Shirley implies I have to work more to orient my view in your original but that’s okay with me in an image like this. Another thought would be to try to straighten the front moss line and see how that looks - but again that’s just a thought. An interesting image well seen and taken.

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Ellen, the water drops on the moss blooms makes a fine subject. The oof green background also fits very well. The darkness of the bench and how much of the frame it occupies is a distraction. Since you shot this from a tripod, I’m thinking that tilting the camera to make the bench parallel to the long axis of the frame would have been good…something for next time.

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