Dune glow

Something fun from March 2017. I have a soft spot for dunes (pun!). Sunset light along the CA coast. 2 (or 3) images for dof.

Perhaps some color issues. Will let you all decide.


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Really enjoy the glow of the dunes you captured. The colors feel ok to me and the lines in the dunes draw me through the image. You might play with the darkest shadows to lighten them a tad and see if that helps with the flow through the image. The vertical orientation makes me wonder what is happening beyond what I can see in this image. Might be a nice location to try a pano someday.

(Nice pun. :grinning: )

Beautiful layering and warm tones. The file is pretty small but from what I see the colors look fine… maybe try pulling the cyan down a touch.

Aaron: you have captured the soft glow on the dunes very well and think that the bottom half of the photo could stand on its own.
While I like the idea of a frame, the chosen white is in competition with the pastels in your scene. Very well done otherwise. Richard


Love the light and warm glow, especially the bottom dunes here. Also, with the vertical frame there is a great sense of depth and expanse of the landscape. The sky and bg ridge are working for you as well.

Colors/processing looks great to me.


Nice image~ I always love side lighting and dunes. As for color it might just be the combination of colors playing tricks on my eyes but it seems like the shadows on the dunes are more cyan that the sky. Might take a look at that and bring those in to better harmony.

great shot @Aaron_Feinberg love the comp and the depth. To my eye the colours in the brighter part of the dune work really well. The shadows in the dunes seems to have a greeney/cyan tinge to them that seems out of kilter with the clouds which are really blue. If you hold your hand over the sky the dunes look more grey than green. Hope that helps

the green is what i was seeing. was having problems correcting for it. will try and see if i can tweak.

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much thanks for the thoughts all!