Dust Storm

Description: Being out in the dunes this evening made for a challenge as it was difficult to see without getting a face full of sand. Winds must have been close to 20+ mph with gusts higher at times. You can see the lines of sand blowing and shaping the dunes. Erasing the evidence of human footprints and of the wildlife that frequents this location.

Specific Feedback Requested: What are your thoughts on the composition?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite? (focus stacks or exposure blends are not considered composites)

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I love sand dunes, and kudos for going out in the wind to capture some wonderful softness! (And erased footprints!) My only nit is how close the distant peak is to the top of the frame. Might be fixed with some judicious content-aware fill if you don’t have more in the original frame.

Hope your camera was well protected!

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Well done! Being in the middle of a sandstorm is not fun, but you’ve captured a truly dream-like image. I’m love the soft curves the wind is making…without footprints

I like the composition of the dunes, but agree with Diane about the distant mountain. Diane has suggested maybe adding a bit more to the top. I’m thinking taking the top off, so no sky appears.

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Puzzle aside, Kyle, this is a beautiful soft image. Amazing, in fact, considering the conditions you’ve describe. Sure hope your camera survived!

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The camera survived! I shot the next morning as well and it seems fine today still. I tried to shield it keeping in the bag as much as possible and keeping it up off the ground. Thank you!

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Kyle, this is a great shot, with it’s mix of sharpness and softness. The sharpness of the ridges and the details in the taller dunes show well and then they’re contrasted by the blowing sand in the valleys and obscuring the distant peaks. I carry a plastic grocery bag and a rubberband to fix it around the lens for times like this when exposing things to the weather gets iffy.


I like the idea of using a plastic bag for protecting the camera in violent weather! I used to have a plastic sleeve for this purpose but it got lost in a move. thank you!

Fantastic image; beautifully done.

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