Dynamic Invariant #5

Part of a series I made while paddling the Bloodvein River in Northeast Manitoba.

Is this a composite: No


Gorgeous, Kerry. Love the rhythm the waves are making and the colors give a great sense of depth. It does feel a bit abstract. The silky smoothness of the waves is perfect, IMO. Can you share with us what your camera settings were? Very nicely done.

Thank you (@linda_mellor) Linda. I was going for a degree of abstraction and pushed the colours. The settings were ISO 200, f/10, ⅕ sec (when photographing rapids, I have found that I like somewhere between ⅛ and ¼ sec to give a sense of dynamic flow without turning everything into marshmallow) and 95 mm (since this was shot with a Fuji Xt-2, that translates to roughly 150 mm).
When we’re out paddling on one of our river adventures, I often get up before dawn and sit for hours transfixed by the rhythm and flow of the water. I could shoot this exact same set-up a hundred times in a minute and never get the same image twice. That’s why I called these “dynamic invariant”. If I’d come to this spot in the river a thousand years ago, I’d likely have seen exactly the same wave forms and yet they are constantly changing from moment to moment. It is an amazing demonstration of the relationship between chaos and order!

Thanks Kerry for the info on your settings. Having never been to Canada (we had planned many trips that didn’t work out) I did look up where the Bloodvein River is in Manitoba. I was fascinated to read about the area with such a rich and long history. Sounds like an amazing to be able to sit for hours and get lots in the water. Thanks again for sharing this part of your world with us.

Kerry, there’s a great sense of flow and dynamism here. That’s in addition to the many layers.