Eastern Bluebird, Female

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r, 1/1600 at f-8 and iso of 3200 using 100x400x1.4 lens


Hi John
I like canvas your presented this Bluebird in. I guess the why you placed it in a frame. The coloring is nice and you frame the Bluebird well. The only nit is. I believe the camera grabbed focus on the green leaf in front of the Bluebird.

Hi Wayne. A lovely bird in a very beautiful setting. I do agree with Peter that the bird is rather soft.

II like the setting with the bird in the leaves. Perhaps the bird could be a bit higher but I am not sure if you have room and if a branch or something else comes into play. Framing looks really good.

Lovely setting and I like the frame!

Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments. In this case I tried to focus directly on the bird, don’t know why it came out soft other than the possibility that I need to fine tune the 100x400 lens. I have cleaned the lens and contact points. I have also downloaded updated firmware for the camera. Most of my shots require large crops, (8688X5792 to 5393X3411) and down again to (1680X1113) to post to NPN. Needless to say, I’m not exactly sure why the softness occurs. My tripod keeps the camera still. Also I noticed that the female bluebird is presented in a very light color (light contrast) rather than the darker colored male which might possibly be the reason for the soft focus. In wonderment, Wayne


054A1388-Edit-1 Repost to compare female to female bluebird.

From the edges of the leaves, it looks like the focus point was a bit in front of the bird. Which version of the 100-400 are you using – the original that has a push-pull zoom or the “II” that has a zoom ring? The original had a lot of problems with sharpness, while the “II” is awesome for sharpness, although any one copy could always have an issue.

If you were using the center smallest focus point, you should have been right on the bird. If you had the surrounding points engaged, they might have reached out far enough to see the leaves.

But so many of the leaves look good, maybe the bird was moving a little. I always shoot a short, fast burst with a subject like this and it is surprising how different they can be, between both subject movement and small AF “jitter.”

If this is a common occurrence, it would pay to check the AF microadjustment. That’s easy to do by setting up on a flat fine-textured target and shooting a number of shots in AF, throwing focus off and re-doing the AF in between each. Then repeat shooting in live view, where you are focusing directly off the sensor.

Thanks so much Diane, I’m using the model II with a tripod. I will recheck my focus point setting. Your suggestions are always helpful. I did notice today during my shooting that the camera shook with the smallest bump.

Is the tripod rock solid?? Movements of a few pixels will soften an image. PushIng the camera against your forehead hard will help. Not all tripods are created equal and should be meant for more than supporting the weight of the camera. Try the burst approach.

Diane, Sorry I missed responding to your suggestions but I did read your post and appreciated your kind suggestions.