Eastern Willet

I was trying to keep low and photograph this bird at his eye level. Including the marsh grass for a sense of place was important. It was a gray and hazy day with fog all morning.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D Mark IV, 400 mm Canon lens, ISO 1000, F10 @ 1/1250. Image was cropped about 50%.

Donna, I do love the low point of view you captured this one at. The slight head turn is really nice. The out of focus water behind him makes for a nice background. Very nice.

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I like the depth of field you chose and how it worked with the foreground grasses, Donna. A fine image.

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Love to see willets in their breeding plumage, and I also like the environment quite a bit. But I’m not sure you’re gaining much by using f/10 (although, I’d have to know how far away you were). Otherwise, the frame is a little dark overall.

I do like the bladed grass foreground and the head turn , Donna. I definitely get a gray morning feel from the image. I would try to burn down the gray water and remove the dark patch in the wtaer above the bird’s tail and dodge or open up the the birds plumage. A tough scene to balance for sure.

Hi Donna
The nice low angle and the head turn makes is what makes this photograph. The only this I would try is a local brush on the Willet to bring up the exposure. Nice Work.

Nicely done - sharp, nice plumage
I agree with Peter though - perhaps the exposure on the bird can be increase . In addition, please consider decreasing the exposure of the water