Ebb & Flow

This was my first visit to this location on the Sonoma Coast in Northern California. It was a mad dash from the parking area to get to the falls trying to outrun a squall line marching towards the coast. Just before reaching the location, the rain started falling. I was able to grab half a dozen shots, wiping the lens/filter off before each exposure.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any/all always appreciated!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R5, RF 15-35mm @ 19mm, 8sec, f/11, ISO100, 6-Stop ND


Reworked version:

Oh so dramatic. I like the overall composition, but it seems really bright for the conditions you describe. I’d lower the exposure and the blacks in the fg and the highlights in the sky. It also looks like it could use a little rotation to bring the left side up. Such a great scene!

Great dramatic scene and composition. The SS seems to have worked well for the falls but overexposed large parts of the water and the sky. I would burn in the sky a little and dehaze the treeline. A couple small nits.

Thanks for the feedback @Kris_Smith & @Michael_Lowe, I have posted a reworked version! The horizon is pretty level in the original, not sure if the sloping land into the sea is creating a bit of an optical illusion with the levelness?

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I think it might be an illusion - the slope of the rocks just at the point where the water falls over seems odd, but the rework is so much stronger. Now we have some detail in the rock on the right and in the clouds. Both those areas work as a frame for the water. Nice!

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