Elephant Ear on Fire

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was eating dinner and saw how the sun backlit our elephant ear plants. Totally different. I got my camera and captured this photograph.

Specific Feedback

Some cropping and dodging. The color is very natural as the sun gave natural light . Maybe the center could be a little sharper but this is a very natural photograph… some contrast adjustment

Technical Details

ISO 800 shutter 100 f 14 Sun back lit .


Hi Gill,
wow, that’s a beautiful abstract shot. I love the structures and the color contrast. Everything seems to lead the eye into the center of the frame.

What bothers me a bit, and I don’t think you can do anything about it, is the black bar that runs from the bottom to the center of the image. Probably this is the shadow of the stem of the plant.

Still a cool shot. Nicely seen!!!

Thanks. Yes that’s the stem. I felt it gave the photo a natural look and more tone. Some dark tone within the the bright colors.

Nicely seen Gill! That reddish color and lines are really awesome. The image holds a lot of interest and has a good visual design. The square crop works for me too. Without the clue in the title, I would not have known what the subject was which makes this an interesting abstract.

My only minor issue is the upper right corner and the dark patch. Wonder if content aware fill could be used to address that area. Otherwise, nice work! The image could pass for an aerial shot of Iceland.

Thanks for showing interest. I left the darkness in right corner to balance the darkness in the left side of the plant. I had to position the plant and myself to get the best shot I could get.
But I’m pretty happy with my photo idea. Completely changed the look of the plant.


Very cool! Great eye to catch this from the dinner table - and kudos for grabbing the camera!

This is really eye-grabbing as presented. I really like the glow from the backlighting. In fact, there’s one impression that immediately came to mind. It dates me, but I could help but think of the “E.T. Phone home” scenes from the movie of the same name. That glow in the center really makes the image and then to have have glow spread and radiate from the center… just really cool.

I don’t mind the dark URC, nor the stem - the stem provides a little bit of context and reality, but doesn’t take away from the overall impact.

Beautifully seen and captured.


Very cool and creative shot! I really like the high energy/ aliveness that emanates from these abstract patterns, and it has nice depth. The stem does not bother me, but I am not sure about the dark patch in the URC. I feel it I may be worthwhile to try and see how it would look if it were made to match the reddish darkness in the ULC , i.e. not so dark. Just nitpicking here… there’s probably very little in it. It’s a brilliant image, all the more so for having been captured in mundane surroundings. Congrats!