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I worked on this project to find a similarity between tree trunks and human emotions. Unlike the bark of the tree, our convoluted selves are hidden.

To me the tree trunks are like human emotions. Not one size/kind fits all.

Self Critique

I like patterns. And thats what attracted me to this collection.

Creative Direction

I am not sure if this has what it takes! I like the pictures because I took them, but looking for objective opinions.
Some are iPhone raw pictures, and some are via my mirrorless camera

Specific Feedback

Any and everything

Intent of the project

On Landscape Submission

Additional Details: I intend to submit this to competitions (e.g., NLPA to begin with)


I like the B&W conversion. #5 is a favorite.

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Lovely set of images Subha! I think the idea of the connection between human emotions is quite intriguing. One idea to extend this further would be to name each image based on what emotion you think it conveys, I think this would help give some more depth to the project. Overall the project feels cohesive, here are a few ideas to bring it together a bit more.

  • Image 1 has a much stronger vignette than the rest and makes it stick out a bit.
  • It would be nice if they were all the same aspect ratio. They’re a bit all over the place and it would feel more solidified if they were all the same.
  • The tonality of Image 9 stands out from the rest as being dull grey, but if the emotion being conveyed is maybe depression or something along those lines, it would make sense. This is where naming the images would help.

I love the concept and think this could be a fantastic project with a few tweaks!

Thanks a lot, Ronald.

Omg, David!! What an amazing feedback. I just listened you talk on fStop podcast and that motivated to ask for critique on my project here.

I love every ounce of feedback you provided. I will implement these. Thanks once again.

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Excellent, we would love to see the titles if you do that!

I am yet to change the aspect ratio, but the feedback for titles didn’t let me be :slight_smile:

Subha.pdf (6.5 MB)

I am looking forward to seeing what you think.

Those are good titles in general, but I don’t feel all of them go with the theme of “Emotions”. For example “Creased” doesn’t convey an emotion for me, but something like “Furrowed” may achieve that. Or maybe I’m overthinking this! :laughing:

haha, thank you. I am reworking on these per your feedback now.

I like the idea behind this project and how you have conveyed the emotions. I also think that b&w was a good choice for the goal you have achieved. I’m on the fence about labeling the emotions. I like the idea of the viewer finding their own emotions in these images. Their search is part of what makes these images good.

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Thanks, Igor. I think it works both ways. Thank you for your comment :slight_smile: