Emotive Moon

As many of the long-timers here at NPN know I have been photographing the new crescent moon for nearly three decades. The challenge of trying to photograph the moon was what first got me behind a camera and down the landscape photography rabbit hole.

I go out every month in search for that small sliver of light. Every 29 days after I see a new crescent I am back out there again. This past Wednesday, March 6th, was that 29th day. However, it was storming and raining all day and into the evening. So I thought this month was going to be a bust. Then there was a break in the storm on Thursday night, March 7th. As I raced from work with my gear to the top level of a parking garage in town my eyes were glued to the sky peering into the gaps between clouds hoping to see a glimpse. It was not to be seen. When I reached the 5th level of the garage, I parked and before I could even get one foot out the door of the car, there it was, hanging there in the mist as the stormy sky just swirled mixing its light.

I quickly set up the camera and automatically had the camera dialed in and exposures flying.

I have photographed many moons and seen many many more. I can’t remember a moon that was so exciting to photograph as this one. Something about the atmosphere and the light mixing with it along with the moon that just made it a real expressive and emotive photograph for me.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:
Nikon D2x (I know its old)
Nikon 400 mm f5.6 lens at f5.6
Shutter 1.3 sec with mirror locked, ISO 100
Single frame
Processed with Camera Raw and PS CS6


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Having seen many of your crescent moon images, Youssef, I think this is one of your best. Beautiful color, and nice texrures.


A great blast from the past, Youssef. I always enjoyed your crescent moons and I am thoroughly enjoying this one.

Love the delicate crescent moon, Youssef. Very nice shot.

Just an outstanding image. This might have made a nice image without the moon because of the light and clouds, but the moon puts it over the top. Great work.


Always love seeing your crescent moon images.

Wonderful image, great impact, colors…

I think of you every time I get to see one… :smile:


Thanks All. I was really excited about this photo while I was making it as the light especially in the clouds really was great.