The Secret Life Of The Moon

I have not posted anything here at NPN in a real long time. I have been a member since its very inception and was very active early on. My introduction to photography came about through trying to photograph the new crescent moon. I have rarely shared my moon photos here on NPN as it seemed as though something so simple could not elicit the response or interest in what I was doing so I branched out and photographed other things and grew as a photographer because of it. In the last several years my effort in photography has somewhat waned, to use a moon term, and I still use a 4x5 film camera for all my landscape work. I do not own a latest generation digital camera, and still do all my moon photography with a Nikon D2x and Nikon 400mm f/5.6 fixed focal length lens.

So I thought I would re-introduce myself here and this time starting out with one of my more recent moon photos with a reflection on why I think the moon, and the photos I make of it are so grand. I hope I can find the time to be more active here, but just know it was NPN that fueled my creativity and helped me grow as a photogrpaherand I will always be grateful for that.

The moon goes through its monthly journey around the Earth, for the most part, completely unnoticed. It does not appear with great fanfare or make some big announcement that it is about to appear. It is one of the most beautiful objects in our sky. It’s subtle. It illuminates our nights with its moonshine. It is our celestial clock, and knowing its phase as well as knowing where it is among the zodiac will tell us the time of the year. When I look at the moon I only see beauty. And even though it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also understood that beauty is universally recognized. One hallmark of beauty, according to James Thurber, is that “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”. If you ponder upon this statement for a while I think you will come to the conclusion that the moon is certainly one of those things, and as it runs through it’s secret life, it does allow us to see it’s beauty, if we are willing to look.


It is truly nice to see you here again, Youssef.

I have always enjoyed your images of our nearest celestial neighbor, and this one is no exception–this really sings.

I suppose I am pretty fortunate to live in the Foothills with a fairly dark sky. I enjoy gazing at the stars, our planets, and the Moon. I think we take the night sky sort of for granted, unless actively observing. I find a sense of peace and quiet at night while gazing skyward.

This is so beautiful and full of simple grace Youssef. So glad you decided to post here.

I must admit, that for quite a few years now, whenever I happen to catch an early glimpse of a new crescent moon near the horizon - I always think of you, the images you’ve previously posted and to your quest of seeking out this moment. Your passion for this moment comes through in these images.

Love that quote.

So do I, because it has such a simple truth about it.

I really like the simplicity, colors, and that tiny little sliver of moon!

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I like it much better than my #3 and #4 top 11 peeves of nature photography, the bottom clouds give the moon a sense of place :slight_smile: Nice to see you again, Youssef.

Youssef, nice to see your post here. It seems like years since I saw one of your infamous crescent moon scenes. Or maybe it’s just the high rate of speed that time seems to be traveling at these days.
As always a very well crafted take on this monthly event that you photograph so well. Weather permitting of course…:sunglasses:

This is a great look at a newly waxing moon, Youssef. Photographing the moon is something that I too enjoy, so I’m well aware of how challenging the timing is to get this kind of light balance between the moon and the surrounding sky. The sunrise/sunset colors are great. The size of the moon in the frame is also great. This is a beauty.

Hi Youssef, it’s great to see you posting. I hope you have been well and productive. I have missed your monthly “almost no moon” images. Beautiful, graceful shot that works well. I hope to see you around here a lot more. Take care, my friend.

I, too, have missed your wonderfully delicate and beautiful crescent moon images. It’s great to see one (and you) again!

Nice to see you back here, Youssef. And this is an incredible re-introduction. I love the gradient of light and color with the moon as the subject. Nice and relaxing.

Youseff, this is outstanding. The moon is great but the shapes in those clouds and the color in the sky are amazing.

Most wonderful to see you back Youssef. The thinnest of sliver of moon and sunset color are beautiful.