Expectations # 2

Another from our recent trip to Lincoln, MA.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:


this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn

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Nice job on this one Mike. The horizontal with you standing this close to the Joe Pye Weed with a wide-angle lens allowed you to avoid the dreaded 50/50 composition. I like the colors/WB you used here in processing. I like cool-ish fog in my images so check on that. The colors of the goldenrod and Joe Pye look very natural and spot on to me. Pink and yellow are not colors that I normally think would work well together in landscape photography. But for some reason these two flowers produce a very appealing combination for me.

In terms of composition, I like the relatively small amount of space you left above the tree. It’s enough to give the tree definition, but it avoids creating too much blank sky, this is a good balance.

I’m kind of “on the fence” about whether the fence to the left is a distraction or not. It will be interesting to read others comments in that regard.

And thanks to you and your brother for buying me breakfast after shooting on this morning, I appreciate it.

Michael, I do like this one as presented. The fog is always a bonus and it creates a nice calming atmosphere for some very brilliant colors. I am not distracted by the fence that @Ed_McGuirk referenced. Not a critique, more of a wish, is for more goldenrod on the right side. That said, this is a very nice scene!


A bit darker than Ed’s - but given the foggy conditions and illumination, I think this works nicely. Maybe? increase the luminosity in the flowers? I like the horizontal presentation, but think this also is challenged by the competing elements of fog/trees vs. field of wildflowers.

At least for me, the flowers are the stars and so if there’s any cropping to do it would be up top. Tough call though on where to draw the crop lines, if at all. I also find it difficult and overwhelming at times when standing in front of such spread of colorful beauty - to extract a composition that captures that feeling of standing there. I think you did well in capturing that.


Thanks @Lon_Overacker, @Ed_McGuirk, @Alan_Kreyger for the suggestions. Here is a version with fence cloned out, a crop from top and more luminosity of the flowers. Lon, my feeling was that there was no competition between the FG and BG because the flowers were darker and more colorful that the eye started at the bottom and was drawn up through the frame. And Alan, there was no more goldenrod to the right.

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I am liking the rework very much, Michael. The crop makes the flowers shine. Cloning the fence was a good idea.

A nice, moody image, and well done.

And more of a crop from top.

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Thanks @Preston_Birdwell


The crops work nicely. thanks for taking the extra time.


I think the last post is the winner for me. In fact it looks pretty similar to a crop I made on my take from this spot. I think the crop along with the boost in luminosity has brought the wildflowers to the forefront and made them the star of the scene with the fog shrouded trees making a perfect backdrop. Beautifully done.