Fall at Portland Japanese Garden

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


While waiting in line to photograph “the tree” at Portland Japanese Garden the sun moved to shine over this part of the garden. I wanted to try to capture a backlit alternative view of this area in PJG. Unfortunately it’s a bit tight at the top of the image but the backlit tree and garden beyond came out well. That tightness was partly due to there being a huge gaping hole in the branches and leaves just past the cut off point of the image.

Specific Feedback

As above, tightness necessary at top.

Technical Details

Nikon D810e with Nikon 12-24 mm f2.8 at 16 mm.

This is a gorgeous picture. I love the colors, the shape of the tree, the light that is showing in the middle of the tree and its surrounding and the sun star in between branches. The only suggestion I would make is to crop a little on the left to not have a branch leading you out of the picture and a little in the bottom so to not see the fence that brings you back to reality. But really magical scene.

Appreciate your comments. In fact I did try both of your suggestions and didn’t like how it looked. But perhaps I’ll try again and post it for your opinion.

I tried to do a little of the cropping myself and I totally see your point on the bottom part as it changes the whole perspective of the picture. the left side crop I think looks better but if it goes against what feels right to you in the picture, forget what I said. I just felt my eye wander. I uploaded the crop I did. Regarding the fence you might try to darken it as much as possible with an adjustment brush and that might make it less of a disruption.

Thanks so much! I like that. I think I’m so used to seeing that branch in the actual garden that I couldn’t imagine how nice it I might look without it there. I think this crop looks good. Sorry I couldn’t get to it first; volunteering in my grandkids’ classrooms has my time tied up these days.

Rebecca, this is a backlit beauty. The various glowing colors and the mix of light and dark look great. Since the main subject in your original post is centered, the trunk off to the side doesn’t bother me. Tamar’s crop does look great also.

Thank you for your kind words Mark. Isn’t it funny how sometimes our better shots are the ones we take serendipitously while being busy getting ready for the “real” shot?? That’s what this one was.

Rebecca, a very nice image of this beautiful garden . The cut - off Maple at the top works since it extends across the top forming a “roof” for the under lying shrub layer. do you remember what month this was ? I could never time my visits to catch the color.

Rebecca: the backlight really serves to emphasize the colors and textures of this beautiful scene. Well done!

Richard, thank you for commenting.

| Richard Sandor
October 26 |

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Rebecca: the backlight really serves to emphasize the colors and textures of this beautiful scene. Well done!