Fall in Connecticut I

I got out a little earlier this month to photograph a local river in very nice fall color. This was the second thing I framed up, and as I was checking the focus on the far bank, a deer walked right into the zoomed-in Live View area. It was right around sunrise in a heavily shaded area, so I had to use a long exposure, but luckily this deer stayed very still. Another deer came down behind this one, and just wouldn’t stay still. The deer is a little soft at full size, but it works OK here, I think.

The image went from very cool on the left to very warm on the right, and I’m wondering specifically about my attempt to balance the color across the image. Any and all comments/critiques are welcome, though.

Whole Image: f/11, 1.6s, ISO100
Deer: f/11, 2.5s, ISO100

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How fortunate to have the deer appear and become a part of this wonderful photo. At first I thought the color in the bushes on the river bank should be brighter with more contrast but then realized it was taken around sunrise when colors are more subdued. With that information, I don’t think you should change a thing.

Nice shot. I don’t have any nits, but TBTH, I don’t think the deer really adds much to the image. Because of it’s size and location within the frame.

Beautiful image! This is a nice spot, with a fine combination of fast flowing water and autumn colours. I like the way you balanced the colour across the image. Out of curiosity: maybe you have more images, also with less water/more colourful vegetation? Looking forward to those.
The deer makes it a special moment; I agree with @Michael_Lowe that it doesn’t add much to the result. But for me, to be there at such a moment is more important than the images brought home.

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Thanks @Jim_Gavin @Michael_Lowe and @Han_Schutten!

Han, I have a number of images from this outing that I like, and some do have more foliage and less water. I’ll be posting those as I work through them.

I agree that the deer doesn’t add much (if anything) graphically speaking, but it’s more of a record of the experience for me.

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Craig, how fun to have the extra bonus of the deer. For me, such “hard to find” elements add a lot to the pleasure of repeated viewings. I like how you emphasized the stream and it’s flow, even as you show the delightful fall colors that got you out there. The arc of white water works well at moving my eyes through the stream.