Fall in Connecticut III

This was taken very close to my previous image Fall in Connecticut I (I know, so original…)
I know this isn’t the strongest composition, but I liked the assortment of fall color here.

5DII, 24-105 @ 85
f/11, 1.3s, ISO100
TK’s luminosity masks, burning/dodging, cropped a slice off the bottom

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Nice image. Love the colors. The one thing that stands out to me is that the direction of the water current leads my eyes left to right out the side and nothing really leads me to the top.

Craig, I agree with you that the assortment of fall color is a very attractive subject here. The variety of rust colored tones here is great, and I like how you kept the saturation of these colors subdued as well. I agree with @Bobby_Burton comment about wishing my eye was drawn more strongly to the top (which after all is your stated subject). I think part of this is due to the luminosity of the foliage relative to the water. To my taste I think the foliage would benefit from an increase in luminosity, drawing your eye to the color, and I could even see a slight decrease in the luminosity of the water, and/or some increased vignetting in the LLC and LRC…

In a perfect world, a slight crop from the bottom might also draw more attention to the foliage. But the placement of lowest rocks makes this a little problematic, unless you are willing to do some major cloning away of those rocks.

Different strokes I guess. I’m going to disagree little and say I actually like the comp. I think the strong vertical lines of the top combined with the horizontal lines of the bottom make for a dynamic image. I have no trouble being drawn toward the top although I think I would bump up the luminosity of the top a little.

I like the dark treatment of the opposite bank but not so much of the water. I know that images don’t have to look like their subjects but I’m having trouble with black water in this case.

Thanks @Bobby_Burton, @Ed_McGuirk, @Michael_Lowe and @Igor_Doncov!

It’s interesting to hear the variety of thoughts on the composition, and I am actually on both sides of the fence. It does feel a little like one piece sitting on top of another piece, but I do still like something about it.

I’ll take a look at the luminosity up top. Maybe that will solve the problem of the horizontal river pulling the eye out of the comp to some degree.