Early Fall

Small falls in the Columbia Gorge.

D800, 20mm, f11, 1.3 sec.

I think this is wonderful, Dan. The composition works nicely for me.

It would be nice if you could pull a bit of detail out of the hotspot at the base of the right-most fall. Also, that stick under the surface on the left grabs my eye.

The light is gorgeous, and the color looks spot-on.

Beautiful, Dan. Very pleasing colors and mood. Might be an optical illusion but I think it could benefit from a slight clockwise rotation.

Dan, although those falls are generating some noise… this scene just has a beautiful sense of peace and quiet - tranquil. I think you’ve nailed the vibrance of the area without going overboard.

My alternate thought would be a slight crop from the bottom and cloning out the submerged stick. For me, there’s not enough texture/patterns in the water at the bottom to keep interest. Plus, I like the somewhat sweeping curve above the falls which I think would suit well for a semi-pano crop. The top 2/3 of the image has all the beauty and impact. Just thinking out loud, a crop that comes up about halfway on that stick (clone the rest). I wouldn’t want to encroach on the two submerged rocks on the right. Minor, minor stuff.


Dan really lovely image, the light here is great. Lon took the words right out of my mouth, the bottom needs some work, it’s just not as interesting as all the great stuff going on in he top 2/3’s of the image. I would crop and clone the stick. If the water had more interesting flow patterns it would justify including as much of it as you have, but it doesn’t so I would crop the bottom.

I love the little tiny small flow on the right, they add a nice touch in this scene. Nice work…

Beautiful image Dan, and I love the autumn colors! My only perceived nit is that it seems slightly tilted CCW just a bit. I say perceived because it may just be the placement of the 2 opposing land masses in front.