Starvation Creek

One of the only few accessible waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge.
About as much fall color as the deep green gorge gets as I took this today.
It has always been kind of an odd waterfall

to shoot but the water flow is so low that I
got a new impression of the falls today.
Any feedback, criticism is welcome. Not many photos of this common falls but since all
the great Gorge falls are closed for now, it was enjoyable to just be in the Gorge doing photography at all.

F11, 1.3 sec., D800, 20mm

Any pertinent technical details:

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Looks like a pretty sweet place to me. never seen the area so I can’t really comment on comps. From an aesthetic point of view it comes across as an image of two halves. The top section is quite bright and the falling water looks a little bit over exposed. I am guessing that the top half was in a bit more light than the bottom hence the brightness…it can be tricky controlling the range.

The bottom half of the image, in my opinion, looks more natural. Great tones on the waterfall and the colours surrounding it are pleasing too. I like the leaves on the floor and feel they could have been more of a focus in the composition.

Apologies if this sounds over critical but I hope it helps.

Wow! I like those bright downed leaves in the dark foreground so much, I’d be tempted to try emphasizing them more. Perhaps by toning down the bright top a little more? You can approximate that effect by slowly scrolling so the bright top disappears. I can live with it as it, but my eyes keep drifting down to those foreground leaves.

This is nice, Dan. Processing looks good and the comp. works well. I would look at burning down the brightness in the upper half to keep the focus on the falls.

Hi Dan for this one I would look at making those bottom falls pop a little more and try to make them stand out a little more.