Fall Intimate Scene

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A great mix of color, unusual for fall, looking more like spring flowers. I quite like it and the foggy mood adds a lot as well.

I also liked the soft color and the fog here. It’s definitely a different perspective from the colored leaves that most of us probably think of first. The panorama crop also works well for me.

Patricia, the soft light and foggy background do a fine job of letting this fall field of asters and goldenrod show well. The red bush (sumac??) at the back is a great color accent.

I ditto the other comments here. This looks like a wonderful prairie with an ethereal look and feel. You managed the fog well. The rectangular format is perfect.

Harley and Karla.

Went for a walk last month and found this along the way. As Mark stated it was full of asters and goldenrod with the exclamation point of the red bush.

You nailed the type of flowers in this field. Thanks for looking.


Not a prairie… how about a cow pasture that hasn’t been used in awhile!

Patricia: Wonderful scene superbly captured and presented. The near pano crop works really well. Top notch shot. >=))>