Fall walk in the gorge

Rework #1 Cropped as suggested by @Ben_van_der_Sande


I took this in the Taughannock Falls gorge this fall. It was a very dry summer and fall here. Usually there is plenty of water flowing in this stream. It has been so dry that plants grew up through the granite floor of this stream. Even though we were in a drought most of the summer, the fall colors here were incredible this fall.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the composition work. I have really been working on creating ones that aren’t so common. I like making my forest\tree scenes painterly like. Toning down the sharpness in the trees and kind of making an Orton effect on them.

Technical Details

Sony a7r iv 24-70mm @ 70mm
ACR - tone
Photoshop - some cleanup, lots of D&B, some luminosity masks for the colors and Hue/Saturation

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Donna, I like your image. Great autumn colors in a for me unknown environment . I took the liberty to try a crop . I found the whole of your image rather busy and it had to me not that good flow. Here my remake . If you don’t like it please trow it away :blush:

Ben, you’re right. I think I got a little carried away with the colors. I took a pano shot because the fall colors were so magnificent this year. That extra length was way to much for a viewer to take in. Always learning. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I posted a rework with almost the crop you suggested.

I think the reworked crop is fantastic, Donna. Terrific comp and wonderful colors.

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