Falls End

Stopped on a hike in GSMNP with the family to fire this one off. We missed the fall color by probably 2 weeks. We planned the trip late and it wasn’t really a photography trip at all. I think I took my time on 2 images, this being one of them.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m always trying to dial in my edits. I’ve made progress but still have a long way to go. Interested in things line tonal separation, contrast, colors and saturation.

Technical Details

Stacked two images I believe for the foreground falls and the trees in the back.



Good to see you over here!

I think your processing is looking pretty good here. Nice mid tone contrast, you have color separation, your greens are not oversaturated, the comp is flowing nicely. I don’t have much to add here. Only suggestion I have is to desaturate the orange leaves slightly. I think -5 points would be just right. Particularly in the ones in the foreground. As I told you before, keep working those mid tones, and everything falls into place!


Thank you, noted on the orange leaves. They pop a bit too much, I’ll take a look at those.

Thank you!