A great day in the Canadian Rockies!

Specific Feedback Requested

Constructive comments welcome

Technical Details

Canon 60D
Tripod/Cable Release
ISO 100

I really like the idea here and your composition is very good. Despite the good composition the image still looks busy (too much texture) and that’s due to the harsh light. Optimally you don’t want all those shadows in the trees. You want vertical green forms on a background of some texture and color. You also want tonal separation between trees and background. If you convert this to b&w it should become apparent.

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Hey Terry, nice idea with this one, but it feels a bit too contrasty for me. The shadows in the trees and the overall crunchiness of them feels off to me. Perhaps try boosting the blacks/shadows a little bit and easing off the sharpening / clarity / texture a little. Also the trees in the upper right are distracting to me, and the lack of anything on the upper right leaves the photo feeling unbalanced. My 2 cents!

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