Feedback on new grid view display

Feedback on new grid view display

(David Kingham) #21

@Lon_Overacker thanks for bringing up the light theme issue, I have fixed it so it’s a light grey background behind the images now, but I would agree that the dark theme is really where it’s at.

@Igor_Doncov one unfortunate downfall is that the full image must be loaded rather than a thumbnail version in the grid view right now. Hoping to get thumbnails working, otherwise we will need to limit file upload size. I think 3mb file size would actually be fine, I’ve done some testing and if you use a quality of 6 it’s pretty hard to exceed that.

(Mark Seaver) #22

The grid view is a big improvement. It will take a bit of getting used to, but the improved views are well worth that small effort.

(Marc McCann) #23

The new look is better. The full images immediately catch your eye.

(Lon Overacker) #24

Thanks @David_Kingham! the Light theme looks much better!.. but now I’m torn… :wink: Thanks again for all the work on the site!

(Ed McGuirk) #25

The new "grid view’ is a dramatically better viewing experience. Finally, verticals and pano’s get the presentation justice they deserve. I’ll happily take a slightly longer load time to get this kind of improvement. Thanks for coming up with a workaround @David_Kingham

(David Kingham) #26

Thanks Ed, after we talked I did some more testing and realized some of the issues were now taken care of and it’s close enough to go live, glad you like it!

(Alan Kreyger) #27

This is a definite improvement and an all around better viewing and user experience. Thanks for your all of your efforts.

(David Kingham) closed #28