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So today i (again) almost got a image ruined by the colour cast of my old cokin ND filters. So im thinking about changing filter systems, i do like retangular filter (1filter to many lens) and im seeing some nissi and lee system being largely used. Anyone as feedback on any of this systems?

João Ferrão

I have a set of Singh-Ray rectangular ‘Galen Rowell’ graduated ND filters. They are absolutely ‘color neutral’. You can use your Cokin holders for them.

I don’t use mine very often, but I had the opportunity to last week. Here’s the image .

Hey @Preston_Birdwell, thanks for the feedback. Colours look spot on indeed. I’ll definitely have a look at them. If they use the cokin holder that’s a plus.

Many thanks.

I would highly recommend Breakthrough Photography, they have zero color cast and no loss of sharpness even with their 15 stop ND, I did a review here. Not sure what size Cokin you have but they do have 100x100 square filters.

I agree with David K. I have had and used all the other major brands. I mothballed them all and switched over to Breakthrough. The reason is zero color cast, they use Schott glass and their optic nano coatings are superior for light transmission.

They are pricey though. I own rounds and flats. CPOL, GND, ND. I found their holder problematic and do not use it. I also do not use or recommend their brass step up rings, as I have returned/replaced/returned them because of binding issues.

My recommendations here

Good question and you are going to get a lot of advice. Lots of good advice from NPN members. Look to the pros for their reviews. I think Sammon, Peterson, Versace, Bernabe and Bourne are all using Breakthrough.

Hey @David_Kingham and @Ed_Fritz.
Thanks for the feedback. Breakthrough appears to be a good choice. I’ll have to give their site a good second look because I didn’t see loots of info on their square filter.

Thanks again.

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Although I offer an amateur landscape photographer’s opinion, all of my many filters (excluding circular polarizers) are from Lee. My research 11 years ago convinced me they were the best for any number of reasons. Since then nothing has caused me to change my opinion. True, they are quite expensive, so the initial cost is high. But if you amortize that cost over the life of a well-maintained product, they are actually inexpensive. I have replaced only one filter during that time, and it was due to 9 years of heavy use. The other rectangular and square filters (7 in total), holder, step up rings, etc. all function as new.

Hey Marc, I found in my testing that the Lee Big Stopper has a strong color cast that is difficult to cleanup in post processing. I also have replaced about 9 Lee resin based GND (3 stops and 9 stop 4x6) because despite my best efforts they scratch real easy, attract dust and they often warp like potato chips in the warm sun, and at $110 a pop it was expensive to keep replacing.

Glad that you have not seen these types of issues. I used to be a Lee guy about 9 years ago, but the embedded nano-coatings on Schott glass that are being used today by new manufactures such as Breakthrough and the neutral color cast/quality of the coatings have caused me to move past the LEE brand.