Magnetic Filter Systems

I need to replace my CPL and have been considering moving to a magnetic system. I have been looking at K&F, Freewell and Kase. I would appreciate any input on whether you have moved to a magnetic system, which system you chose or if you decided continue with screw in filters.

I use my CPL frequently and my 6 stop ND filter less so. I have three sizes of lenses (77, 72, & 67) and have relied upon step up rings .


Hi Pat. I’ve had very good results with the H&Y magnetic filter system. I replaced some Singh-Ray products with these and have been very happy. I use the magnetic frames on my Breakthrough GNDs and then have a drop in CPL to go behind the GND. It’s been a good system so far. Great quality of construction for all the products I’m using and great IQ.

I recently switched to magnetic filters and I have to say I LOVE them. It’s so much easier to use them than the screw on type, so I’m more prone to use them (especially the CPL). I have Kase filters, and they don’t seem to impart odd color casts. The one drawback to the Kase system is that they can be “rubbed off” if you’re bushwhacking. I’ve almost lost my lens cap several times now because it got caught on a bush as I went by. Maybe this is the case for all types, I don’t know. I guess I need a tether for my lens cap. I certainly wouldn’t go back to screw-on type filters.

I switched from the Lee filter system about 6 months ago to the Kase magnetic filter system and would never ever consider switching back. I got the kit that has a 3, 6,and 10 stop ND filter as well as the CPL. The step up rings are cheap enough to buy one for each of your lenses and just keep them on all the time. They are very inconspicuous. They snap on with authority and I’ve never had one come off. The CPL makes a grating sound if there is even a hint of dirt on the step up ring or your filter threads but it turns easily. There is no lever or tab on the edge of the CPL to make turning it easier but it works just fine. I have not experienced any vignetting or color casts with any of the filters and I use them regularly. The Kase system is expensive but worth every penny.