Finally some Rain

If you look at a world map and try to point Portugal - my place- you will see that is very near the Great African Desert. In fact I believe I’m closer to the Sahara desert than, say, Paris.
Since I remember listening to the “climate change” it’s been some itch I try to scratch but it does nothing to the cure.

We all now the planet is getting warmer and warmer, but sure is a shock to realize the numbers;
in Portugal rights now;

11% of the territory is in extreme dry
34% of the territory is in severe dry
55% of the territory is in regular dry

(I´m very sorry for some potential inaccurate terms, but I do believe you all understand what I mean)

The big question is not the numbers for the year, although is February, but the numbers for the last 20 year or so. It’ s getting worst. We had some horrific forests summer fires, in 2017, in witch 117 people dye.

Today is was forecast some light rain - it sure does not change the general numbers, but I sure was glad to see some rain finally falling.

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While Wisconsin itself is pretty wet all the time, other parts of the US have had their share of similar drought conditions. I hope you get more rain soon.

I really like both the falling drops and the cascade of greenery behind. The progression of that softness contrasted with the sharp rain is riveting and really different.

I feel your concern, João. We’re in the same boat (bad analogy considering how dry it is - ha), here in California. I’m glad you had some rain. Your photo is balm for the dry soul.

An image with a sad story . It tell’s about only one of the big world problems ! So well made.I should almost say come and get some rain from us.

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These raindrops are very fine and detailed Joao unlike most images where the raindrops are much fatter and less defined. I was just reading this morning about the drought in the western united states that says it’s the worst it’s been in over 1200 years so we are feeling your pain. I like @Bonnie_Lampley quote “Your photo is balm for the dry soul.” I agree.