First Light

This is the same morning as my previous uploaded image, same location, and only several minutes different in time. I simply walked to the right a few feet and turned a wee bit to the left. It was a gorgeous morning.

Very little processing needed - I selectively burned/dodged the leaves in the left side tree to bring some depth into them, and I dodged the palmetto stump on the right enough to bring out details. I also burned the BG grasses and sky to darken them just a wee bit to allow the left side tree to separate itself from the BG somewhat.

Specific Feedback Requested

Too dark? Actually, it’s very accurate as to darkness level, but is it too dark for people to view?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
GFX50S w/ 45-100 @ 69mm (55 - 35mm equivalent)
1/40 @ f/22, 400 ISO, tripod



Another lovely swamp scene. The colors are so rich. It doesn’t look too dark on my screen. I can see lots of detail in the darkest foreground grasses.

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Doesn’t look to dark to me either, Bill. The soft lighting is gorgeous as is the fog along the treeline on the horizon. I really like the color palette here as I find it very inviting although it does look like mosquito heaven. :laughing: The layering works nicely with the alternating bands of land and water in the image. Beautifully done.

Another winner here from that morning Bill, its really well done. The composition has a lot of layers and depth, and also looks well balanced. The image has a nice sense of rhythm as a result. The amount of sky included looks just right too, any more sky would pull too much attention away from the tree (which is also why I like how you darkened the sky).

I don’t think it is too dark either, the darker sky and foreground grass corrals the viewers eye in the center, where you want it. If I was to suggest anything it would be a gentle dodging of the highlights in the tree and central strip of grasses, to draw even more attention there. But that’s a nit, overall this works really well.

Dude, you are on a roll. I’m jealous. The colors are outstanding. This only thing that could have been better I would have been if you were there just a bit earlier or later and caught more sunlight on the closest layer. That’s really the only reason it looks a bit ‘too dark’.

@Bonnie_Lampley , @Ed_Lowe , @Ed_McGuirk , & @Igor_Doncov - Mucho thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Ed Lowe - I can confirm your mosquito heaven idea. Fortunately, I am not allergic to mosquitoes. They still suck me dry, but I’m not longer allergic to the anti-coagulant they inject (which causes you to bump-up and itch so much) . I assume I’ve just become immune over the decades perhaps, but who knows? Anyway, I had hundreds of tiny little holes or marks from their “bites” on my legs and arms when I got home but no bumps or itching. I generally wear a mosquito net over my head because they drive me nuts when they get in my ears and eyelashes, etc.

Ed McGuirk/Igor Doncov - Excellent advice on the dodging of the lighter limbs and central strip. I will do that. Igor, I’m assuming that’s the area you were talking about or were talking about the very, very foreground area (before the first water?