Fix Halos in Photoshop


Steve Arnold

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Great video that gets right to the point of fixing nasty halos


I just added this to the NPN Wiki page so it will be easy to access later.

In some of my responses to other members, I’ve provided a link to a similar video that shows the same process but this one is more to the point than the one I shared.

That reminds me, I should go through my other saved resources so I can add them to the Wiki page as well.

Thanks for sharing, David. This is a more common issue than lens flare but both are a bit time consuming fixes that are part of the normal post processing routines… :+1:

EDIT: after watching the video that is the same technique I’ve used for years. “Works fine, lasts along time.”… :sunglasses:

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This is also one of the methods I use, but you do have to be very careful with how you clone that’s for sure and can make the edge look slightly weird.
Another solution that I personally think is a little better is to create a darkening curve adjustment layer, then paint the halo away with a soft brush on the mask, then subtract away the hard edge using some sort of luminosity selection (I do this manually) and then tweak that final mask.
Maybe an idea for a video of my own there!