How to Remove Lens Flare from Landscape Photos in Photoshop



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One of the best explanations I have seen on using three different methods to remove lens flare for different situations.


David, very informative…thanks for sharing the link !

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Great video, David. Thanks so much for posting.

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Thanks for posting this. I think I learned about the Frequency Separation solution from Sean Bagshaw and Dave Kelly, but both of those guys use the action baked into the TK8 panel which makes a lot of what Alex has to fiddle with much easier since it’s automatic.

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I’m sure those actions are great, but if you want to learn how the technique works for free then that’s what this video does as well as explaining the method that I usually use with curves. The curves method is the best method if the flare isnt too complex because it allows you to retain the original colour information.

Thanks for sharing David :slight_smile:

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