Taken in the Bouddi National Park Australia. The area is a geological wonderland, a place where I have spent many an hour crawling around mesmerised by what I am looking at.

Specific Feedback Requested

Happy for any feedback.

Technical Details


This is pure beauty. Cannot think of any cropping or editing that could increase the pleasing effect of these beautifully smooth shapes. The colors are wonderful. A superb abstract!

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My first impression was of glaciers flowing down a valley, but I’m guessing this is a carved sandstone outcrop. The laminations and contrasting colors create a wonderful abstract. Great find!

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Very nice image!

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Now that is cool! As a geologist, I’m trying to figure out the difference in composition between the white and brown beds, but that doesn’t detract from the aesthetic appeal at all. Nice!


Hi Don –

This is a great subject! I love the swirls and mix of colors, and think this works wonderfully as a natural abstract. I think the processing in terms of tonality and colors looks good. I can’t quite tell from the web-sized photo if the full subject is in sharp focus (if it is not, I might suggest focus stacking to ensure that everything is sharp, especially along the back edge). I might also consider increasing the contrast of the swirl on the left side (specifically brightening the lighter tones).

My main feedback is about the composition. I think some of the holes, cracks, and voids along the edges (right and bottom, specifically) create some visual distractions that pull my attention away from the most interesting parts of the scene. I think they also take away some of the abstract qualities of the scene because they offer some hint at the subject.

For me, a tighter crop (and/or possibly some cloning depending on how much processing you do to your photos) could help strengthen the composition. I know that the crop I suggest below eliminates all of the lovely striations on the right but I think it might work better because it simplifies the scene and removes some visual distractions. I sometimes have a tendency to simplify too much, so you can take this feedback with that in mind.


Thanks Laura! :pray:

Love the glacier idea, many thanks! :pray:

Thanks Brett! :pray:

Thanks Bonnie! :pray:

Hi Sarah

Many thanks for the thoughtful and constructive feedback. I will definitely take the time to make the changes you have suggested so that I can compare them printed side by side.

Having being a graphic designer in a previous life I tend avoid editing too much as it is second nature for me. I tend to find myself altering what nature and time have created to manufacture my own version which is pleasing to the eye but lacks authenticity (silly I know as this would only be known to myself.) I have a lot to learn.

Thanks again for the great critique!

This is excellent!!! I would not remove the Picasso head on the right.


This is an outstanding image for sure. Looks spot on to me and I think you should be very happy with it.

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Don, I think this looks beautiful . For my eye it looks well balanced. If i were to change anything it would be the small specs within the center of the image to clean it up a bit. Aside from that it’s an amazing image. Great composition.

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Thanks Tom! :pray:

Thanks James! :pray:

Thanks Igor! I did wondered what that was :grin:

Beautiful lines and patterns. Well seen, Don.

Gorgeous image, Don! Others have already expressed how I feel but I wanted you to know that I love this image. Well done.

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My two cents. I think the crop is a little too tight. I’d open the crop just a little to complete the curve on the right. It would emphasize repetition while still simplifying the composition.

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