In Two Minds

Another abstract from Bouddi National Park.

Nature has a way of producing the most amazing abstracts, these have taken about 200 to 290 million years to create. These images were taken at the Bouddi National Park where I have spent many an hour crawling around the landscape lost in time.

Specific Feedback Requested

Appreciate any constructive suggestions or critiquing . Thanks.

Technical Details

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I like the yin-yang presentation of your composition. The patterns are fascinating and I like the varying shades of brown and the contrast.

The only minor nit would be the wish for more on the left. Would like the have the pattern contiguous/not cut off on the left edge. Not a biggie, just an observation.

I can just image the experience crawling over all that geologic history!


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Thanks Lon, love the yin-yang idea. Will play around with the crop and see if I can increase the real estate on the left without compromising the balance. My knees can still imagine it too. :slightly_smiling_face:

A lesson for me thanks Lon. I have virtually shot this image as is, no additional room for a change in crop. I have a bad habit of framing way too tightly when it is not necessary. A good reason to go crawling again! Cheers Don

Hi Don, fantastic swirling patterns and earthy colors! It seems there are endless compositional possibilities at this location which I find so interesting. While I like the opposing circular patterns on each end of the frame, I would have liked to have seen a bit more space on each side. Perhaps that was not possible since there were distracting elements. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Don, really love this photo! What stands out to me the most is the way that the dark tones and the light tones pair really well together and make those designs in the natural landscape pop that much more. What draws my eye are the little circles in the negative white space on the far left on the far right I wish that the crop was a little bit wider to include more of the circle pattern on the far right that gets cut off on that side of the frame but I don’t think that it takes away completely from the photo. I still think you have a really high quality photo here. I just wish that there was that much more in the frame.

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Thanks David. I have to loosen up my framing, appreciate the feedback. :pray: