Sandstrokes (single image)

Nature has a way of producing the most amazing abstracts, these have taken about 200 to 290 million years to create. These images were taken at the Bouddi National Park where I have spent many an hour crawling around the landscape lost in time.

Technical Details


What an amazing set of images! I love the patterns you have captured and the color scheme.

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Thanks Ola much appreciated, glad you like them!:pray:

A terrific series for sure. There are a few tweaks I’d make here and there, but this isn’t the critique section. I think the penultimate is my favorite although I like the hidden animal face in the first. Funny how we humans find faces everywhere.

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Thanks Kris, happy for any feedback. I agree we always seem to seek out the familiar in the abstract. :pray:

What an amazing location for abstracts, Don. Killer series. As @Kris_Smith stated, there are some tweaks to each that I’d make but this is not the critiquing section so it’s not allowed. Very, very cool rocks though. Wow!

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Thanks David, I think this should be in the critique section now, so looking forward to hearing the tweaks. :+1:

Don, beautiful abstract collection of images! So many awesome patterns and lines in each one.

If I could offer a suggestion, can you break out the images into separate posts preferably one image per day? This way we can provide feedback on a specific image or its variations. Thank you and appreciate you sharing these beautiful abstract images here.

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Thanks Alfredo, will do. :pray::+1:

Thank you Don for posting this image here. As I mentioned previously, there is so much to love about these abstract images you have shared.

For this single one you shared, the main area of interest for me is on the left side. That section has a prehistoric feeling to it, meaning I see fossil like imprints which is absolutely awesome. Have youc onsidered a crop to focus on those features on the left side?

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Thanks Alfredo. No I haven’t but I see what you are saying, I will give it a go, I’ll post the amended version to get your opinion as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for the suggestion!

Don - absolutely true! Nature is just flat amazing - abstract or real, there is always something for us to see and experience. This is a terrific natural abstract - and just the thought of this little scene being millions of years old just adds to the intrigue.

I do think an alternate crop might work too - and that would be to crop 10, maybe 15% off the right. Not because there is anything distracting - edge to edge and corner to corner there is interest and so there’s nothing wrong. I’m only thinking that there is so much interest, the just cropping some off the right would tighten up the comp and keep the eye more towards the more interesting and fascinating features in the lower left quadrant. But that’s just an alternative suggestion.

Processing is excellent. Beautifully seen and captured as presented.


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Hi Lon, what do you think? I think its still balanced … like it thanks. Cheers Don

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Hi Alfedo, I may have cropped a little hard (maybe more than you envisaged) the image has become quite heavy, what do you think?? Cheers Don

Hi Don, yes this crop feels a bit tight. Below is a 4x5 crop that I had in mind. I tried flipping the image horizontally but the faces kind of got lost so I kept your original image orientation. Thank you.

Thanks Alfredo definitely a worthwhile exercise, got me thinking about exploring an image for more than just one composition. Thanks again! :pray:

Great abstract. You can feel the power of two battling forces (left and right). It’s like two bull elks rutting for dominance. The crops don’t take this into account and diminish the image in my opinion. By cropping the right the force on the right is not conveyed and it starts to look like just a study of lines and shapes within a frame.

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Thanks Igor for your valued opinon, much appreciated. My initial crop was very much a balance of weight based around the diagonal line.