Foraging Pheasant

This is another pheasant I saw looking for food after our recent heavy snow.
I removed some of the branches that appeared to be growing out of the bird and cleaned up a few in the foreground. I like the environmental feel of this. I live about 50 miles southwest of Chicago and finding colorful birds this time of year is a bit of a challenge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any advice to improve is appreciated. One concern I had was getting the bird properly exposed and not blowing out the snow too bad. Any help on this would be really appreciated. I try to get as much right in camera as possible.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon T5i
Sigma 150-600C @347mm
ISO 400
1/1250 shutter +.3 exposure compensation

Wow. Good for you. A lovely photo. Nice and sharp, well exposed and excellent pose. I really like all the habitat as well. I am not sure if you cropped this one so if you have a bit more room on bottom and right would be fine also.
Really good details and lovely colors.
I am having a tough time with snow also. I think you can probably over expose snow in your camera about 1/2 stop and still recover details in computer if you need the extra light.
The exposure of this photo looks fine.

Another gorgeous pheasant image, Brian. Nice pose, wonderful environment and excellent image quality. Well done.

Lovely!! The details on the bid are wonderful and the environment so nice. If you could darken the vegetation behind the beak it would stand out better, and could look believable. The exposure looks good to me.

Snow is difficult – it’s nice to be able to preserve any subtle details. The camera wants to underexpose it to 50% gray if it is filling enough of the viewfinder to dominate the exposure, so by that criterion you could overexpose (according to the camera meter) by about 3 stops, but other things in the viewfinder will moderate that exposure. Auto-bracketing a burst could be a good idea.

Really nice look at a spectacular bird. I have found I can easily adjust a couple of f stops overexposure in the snow. For an excellent tutorial for photographing in snow, you could refer to an article by Jared Lloyd. I found it to be very helpful.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and encouragement. I hoped to get out today to try more photography but I had 14 inches of snow in my driveway. Be safe.

The pheasant looks good. In this situation pick exposure for the snow or go with the bird. And you chose wisely. You might be able to pull some of the features out of the snow using either lightroom or photoshop…Jim

Thank you Jim, I will give it a try.
Be safe.