Pheasant on a cloud

Pheasant on a cloud

I was watching a dozen of these pheasants eating grass that was exposed by the plows in a local state prairie. Normally I would like more of an environmental photo but he seemed to be sitting on a cloud with the snow still clean and no distracting brush around him.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback to help me improve is appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D
Sigma 150-600C @ 562mm
1/1000 +.3 on exposure compensation to keep the snow from going gray.
F 6.3
ISO 800

It’s a stunning picture, and with that pristine snow it truly looks like the bird is sitting on a cloud. I can’t think of a single thing I would change. Thank you for sharing it!

Hi Brian
You really have a great looking pheasant, I only wish it would open up to a large photo.

Nice one Brian. I am with Peter in wishing I could look at a larger version. The details are colors on these birds are always good to see close up. I think you did a really good job on the snow and nice pose on the pheasant. I am curious if you posted at 2100 pixels on the long side.

I’d also like to see it larger – it is so unusual and lovely. My first thought, though, is that the bird could be a bit brighter without compromising the detail in the snow.

Hi everyone, I appreciate all of you taking the time to look and critique. I thought I posted this at 1500 on the long side per what I read in how to post a picture, but maybe I did something wrong. I don’t know why it will not enlarge. What is actually recommended for the long side?

I use 2100. I have also at times posted photos that did not enlarge. Not sure why. I do know that after you take the last step to post it takes a few seconds and then there is a brief blip on the screen and photo is back. Then you get the enlargement.

You could try to repost the photo in this same thread.

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Thank you David. Maybe I will try it again. I may post another one later because I need advice. Now that I am retired I have the time to really learn photography so I hope to get out more and make more posts.