Forest Glow

Rework 1 - Cropped some off the right to duplicate the other side suggested by @David_Bostock

Rework 2- Cropped the trees out on the rt. suggested by @Ben_van_der_Sande


This was taken on my camping trip near the Jersey Shore. I found a trail heading out of the campsite I never knew was there. We had just arrived late afternoon and decided to take a walk and stretch our legs from the long drive. The trail ended up being worth the walk. I found this area where the sun was back lighting these beautiful ceder trees. It took a while to find a composition I thought would work, but I was determined to get some kind of shot that imaged what I was seeing. I took this hand held. Is this any good?

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the composition work?
Does my processing give this image depth.

Technical Details

Sony a7r iv 100-400mm with TC @ 185mm
ISO 1250
ACR, Photoshop - very little possessing, some D&B

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Hi Donna,

I like this glimpse of light on the leaves. Nicely seen and shot. I like how you’ve use the foreground trees to frame the subject. Some might think that using a tree trunk as an edge frame is old school, but for me it works and I still use it myself. Of course I am old too. :slightly_smiling_face:
My only suggestion is that you might crop from the right to the far right tree trunk to mirror the left look. It doesn’t bother me as is though so purely an aesthetic choice.

By the way, the larger view is really striking. Well done.

Donna, All that light and dark is making a great image of what you saw . It’s just good as it is ! And if you should take of the two trees on the right, there arises a whole new image. That is more beauty to your work. Two in one !

@David_Bostock @Ben_van_der_Sande Thank you both so much for your suggestions! David, I did think about cropping more off the rt., but decided not to for some reason. I posted a rework with your suggestion and i do like it better. Thank you.

Ben, I’m so happy you like this image. I admire how beautiful your lighting is on all your photos. I actually thought “I wonder if Ben will like this one”. I posted a rework of your suggestion to crop out both trees. You’re right, I do have two photos now. Thank you!


This one didn’t hit me right away. It’s like the thumbnail was a little of a mind-bender - I mean I recognize the tree trunks on either side, but the middle was a little confusing…

But that’s all in the past! I get now and appreciate this more and more - especially with both your reworks!

I think the 3 shades of light and color in the leaves and central part of the image are beautiful. And actually, I think a square crop of the middle is yet a 3rd image!

The 2nd rework is striking in it’s own right. What changed significantly in this version is how important and beautiful the two trees on the left become. The monochrom and light contrasted with the color and light of the leaves and their varying shades/colors, just works beautifully together.

I think your first re-work is a great improvement. Just that little crop making the right and left trees more in sync gives this one the edge (no pun intended).

Beautifully seen and photographed. Congrats - great eye.


I prefer your original vision, Diane. I think both crops give weaker images. I’m not a fan of placing dark trunks up against the frame that parallel the frame. That’s what the frame is for.

@Lon_Overacker @Igor_Doncov Thank you both for your time and critiques. I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked into this grove of gorgeous Incense Cedar trees. There was stunning back light coming through so many of them. This lighting gave me about 30 minutes to find compositions, so I just went crazy trying to find anything that might work. Igor, you got me looking at the original image again. I’ll have to wait a few days and view them again. Thanks again.

Gorgeous light Donna. I really like rework number 2. I makes the trees on the left stand out and compliments the brilliant backlit leaves.

Thank you Eva. I’m leaning towards that one too for the same reason, but then sometimes I like rework 1. Guess I’ll keep both. :smile: