Forest lifecycle


Description: White fungi cluster on fallen forest giant

Specific Feedback Requested: Helpful comments welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony RX100VI. 12.25mm, 1/60 sec, f3.5, ISO200.

Hi Marian. I like the repeating patterns of the white mushrooms. This looks like it might be a good candidate for a black and white conversion. I would probably try rotating the image and maybe applying a square crop. It could make an interesting abstract.

Thanx Andre. I’ll try your suggestions

Nice find! I love shelf mushroom colonies. If you wanted to showcase the pattern and repetition though, I’d have shot from above or below, not side on. You have a really big DOF that probably can’t be covered without stacking and it leaves me wanting more with this narrow band of focus. A square crop as Andre suggests might help with this shot. I also think toning down the highlights and warming up the white balance could make it more appealing as well. It’s mushroom season here and I’m anxious to get out and shoot them, too.

Hi Folks. Thanx for all your helpful comments. I played around with my mushroom pic - making it warmer in tone, ramping up the brown/orange tones, flipping it horizontally, cropping and converting to B&W. So many suggestions to explore. Of the revisions I prefer the square B&W - and am stuck on the original left to right flow of the shrooms. Here it is.

I forgot to post my revised pic

The repost looks like a step in the right direction. The highlights look better here, still hot, but better. To make comparison easier, posting a revised image in the original post is very helpful. That way we can go back and forth in the viewer. If it stops raining today I’ll probably go out and see what fungi can be found.